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simplifying successful investing in the financial markets.
easy to follow investing roadmaps.
…strategies that have outperformed professional money managers.

What if you could build your investment portfolio to support the lifestyle you want with clear and simple steps…

Introducing the Jim Brown Investing Course

It’s Time to Stack the Deck In Your Favor

If you can


this problem: 10 – 4 = ?

Then even if you’re new to investing, you can learn to take advantage of simple yet powerful insights and strategies including those that have outperformed most professional money managers.

You’ll learn the secrets behind these top questions:

Where do I start?

Who do I trust?

How do I know if I'm making a good investing decision?


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I simplify successfully investing in the financial markets by

  • Demonstrating simple strategies that have outperformed the majority of professional money managers
  • Providing individuals with easy to follow investing roadmaps
  • Sharing perspectives and insights from my 30 year of experience as a forensic accountant, investor, auditor/CPA and securities litigation consultant